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Why Your Auto Reimbursement Plan Needs a Standardized Vehicle

by mBurse Team Member, on Jun 14, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Paying an equal car allowance or mileage rate has long been the norm. But today's economy requires a different approach. It all starts with a standardized vehicle.

2 Tips for Calculating a Post-Pandemic Car Reimbursement Rate

by mBurse Team Member, on Apr 12, 2021 7:00:00 AM

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the reset button on car allowances and reimbursement rates. Now is a key time for organizations to rethink their vehicle reimbursement approach and develop fairer,...

Why Gas Prices Are Soaring, and How This Impacts Your Business

by mBurse Team Member, on Apr 5, 2021 7:00:00 AM

The recent spikes in gas prices may rise further. A couple of weeks ago, we discussed how prices at the pump can impact car reimbursements. Today let's take a step back and look at the bigger...

Three Alternatives to a Company Car

by mBurse Team Member, on Jan 25, 2021 7:00:00 AM

A company car is an amazing perk to an employee. But it is a high expense for an employer, and an underutilized tool during the pandemic, pushing some companies to look for alternatives. Here are...

IRS Guidelines for 2021 FAVR Car Allowance Programs

by mBurse Team Member, on Jan 4, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Each year, the IRS updates its rules and guidelines for non-taxable, accountable vehicle reimbursements. If your organization uses or is considering a FAVR car allowance, here's what you should...

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