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What Is the Minimum Car Insurance You Need for Business Use?
We often get asked by company managers or employees who drive for work how much auto insurance they should carry. Different states have different r....
Are You Losing 40% of Your Company Vehicle Allowance to Taxes?
If your company pays a monthly vehicle stipend, 40% or more of that money could go to federal and state coffers. With tax withholding reducing so m....
Shielding Your Vehicle Program from Fuel Price Volatility
Now that gas prices have fallen from this summer's historic highs, it is worth considering how to plan for future fuel price volatility and its eff....
Traffic Deaths at 20-year High – Do You Have a Driver Safety Program?
Do you plan to run a motor vehicle record (MVR) check on all your employee drivers this year? If not, ....
Does Your Mileage Reimbursement Cover Auto Insurance and Depreciation?
Many organizations pay a mileage rate to reimburse workers for the use of a personal vehicle. But how do you know it accounts for all reimbursable ....

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