mBurse professional services

Professional Services

Not ready to overhaul your vehicle reimbursement program?
Select from our custom services to enhance your current policies.
mBurse policy design

Policy Design

Build a customized reimbursement policy from your current policy objectives. Using data and best practices, we’ll
  • Review your current policies and employee expense needs.
  • Pinpoint your ideal car allowance or reimbursement amount.
  • Ensure fair, accurate payments that comply with labor codes.
Develop customizable reimbursement rates

Rate Development

Pinpoint the ideal mileage reimbursement rate for your company and mobile employees. This process will
  • Use a standard vehicle and territory cost data to derive the rate.
  • Ensure that you never under-reimburse or over-reimburse.
  • Control costs, protect employees, and comply with labor codes.

Safer Driver Program

Get policy design recommendations and tools to protect your company from the high risks associated with employee car accidents. Adopt the full platform of services, or just select the ones you need most:

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Car Insurance Verification

Bi-annual verification that each employee is meeting the minimum coverage required by the company.

Motor Vehicle Record Checks

Motor Vehicle Record Checks

Receive annual or on-demand MVR reports for all employees that operate a vehicle for work.

Risk Profiles

Risk Profiles

Use MVR reports to establish a risk score for each employee based on a points equalization system.

Driver Training

Driver Training

Provide customized courses in driver safety for employees with high risk scores.


Our Process

Driving us forward
Data is our strength. We compare your policy to best practices to determine your goals.
We build customized solutions based on your objectives and best practices to deliver ROI.
We equip you with a professional reimbursement policy or best practices for risk mitigation.

Mileage Tracking

Adopt the best-in-class mileage trackers, compatible with many expense programs and any reimbursement policy — including fuel cards and mileage rates.

CRM Mileage App

Use your CRM to log trips and calculate mileage.

GPS Mileage App

Use mobile devices to track mileage, with automatic or manual entry.

Excel Mileage Log

Use Excel to ensure mileage is accurately calculated.

2019 mBurse Benchmarking Report

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