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Top 3 Reasons NOT to Use the IRS Mileage Rate for Auto Reimbursements

by mBurse Team Member, on Oct 29, 2018 8:04:00 AM

The IRS mileage rate was designed to be a tax deduction tool for individual taxpayers, but it has become the standard rate for business vehicle reimbursements. The results are costlier than you...

What Is the Fixed and Variable Rate Reimbursement (FAVR)?

by mBurse Team Member, on Oct 22, 2018 8:43:12 AM

The Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) reimbursement leverages data to reimburse more precisely and equitably than any other vehicle reimbursement plan, providing a tax-free, defensible, and...

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Announcing the 2019 Mileage Tracking Best Practice Checklist

by mBurse Team Member, on Oct 15, 2018 7:34:00 AM

Your mileage reimbursements are only as accurate as your mileage tracking. Ensure that you’re equipped with the best mileage tracker available.

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