Product Sheets and Infographics

Gain fresh insights into your vehicle program.
Company Car Allowance
Make your car allowance more efficient by removing the tax waste.
2020 Allowance Survey

Our annual survey revealed what was important during COVID.

CRM Mileage Tracking
Combine CRM activities and mileage capture to increase productivity.
2019 Allowance Survey

What was important to management and mobile employees in 2019.

Negligent Entrustment
Protect the company from a lawsuit if an employee causes a car accident.
CA Labor Code 2802(a)

Got CA employees? Your car policy may expose you to labor lawsuits.

Non-taxable, accurate, and transparent — the proper way to reimburse employees.
GPS Mileage Tracking
Accurate, real-time mileage capture that carefully protects employee privacy.
Mileage Infographic

Are your employees spending unproductive time tracking mileage?

2018 Allowance Survey
We updated our annual car allowance survey for 2018.
Mileage Reimbursement
Are you reimbursing business productivity or empty miles?
2017 Allowance Survey
We surveyed 100 HR managers about car allowances and reimbursements.

Why wait to improve your company car allowance or mileage reimbursement?