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New Driver Introduction for iOS Users

Click here for Android users 

Welcome to mLog!

After you follow the email or text message link to download mLog from the App Store, here is how to get started.

First, you will be guided through the initial set up, adding a vehicle year, make, model, and odometer reading. Then you will be guided to the mLog home, or Trips page. The default mileage tracking mode is MagicTrip, but you will be given the opportunity to explore other mileage tracking methods and select the one that best fits your situation: 

  • Fully automated (MagicTrip™)
  • Semi-automated
  • Manual.

Selecting a Different Auto Start Tracking Mode

Select the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the home, or Trips, page. Alternately, slowly swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right to open the menu. 

Then select from one of these modes:

Fully automated – This automatic mileage tracking setting is the default mileage tracking mode that starts a trip whenever mLog detects movement over 5 mph. Although the easiest to use, it does consumes the most battery. Be aware that in this mode mLog may start tracking automatically when you ride on a train, an airplane, or someone else's vehicle.

To select, go to: mLog app > Menu > Auto Start On.

Semi-automated – This setting works ONLY when the phone or device is connected to the vehicle's power source. Mileage tracking occurs when any movement over 5 mph. This mileage tracking setting is convenient if you have another phone connected to Bluetooth or if you travel by air.

To select, go to: Auto Start On Enable Auto Start > Auto Start Option Plug-N-Go 

Manual - There are two types of manual trip entries:

1. Manual GPS mileage tracking

2. Manual entry

In either case, the driver determines when mileage is captured by manually using mLog to capture the trip or manually entering the trip details. If using manual GPS tracking, turn off the Enable Auto Start. To turn off or disable the auto start from the Trips page, select Menu > Auto Start On > Manual Start Trip Default. Select Menu > General Settings > Enable Auto Start to verify the settings. Make sure the button is NOT green and set to the Off position.

1. Starting a Manual GPS Trip

Select the Green Play Button > Start GPS from the Trips page to start the trip. Select the Red Stop button to stop the mileage tracking when you arrive at the destination. (If you forget, the mileage will keep tracking.)

2. Entering a Trip Manually

From the Trips page, select the Green Play Button (start) > Manual Entry (NOT the GPS button) > Complete the fields (Date, Origin, and destination) > Select Save.

For Managed Accounts

ALL CORPORATE account users will receive a welcome email and text message introducing them to mLog. The welcome message is IMPORTANT because it contains their company account information. Any user who creates their own personal account without the welcome email must inform their company plan administrator to convert their account to the company account.

Verifying Account Log In (Corporate Accounts)

From the mLog home or Trips page, select Menu > Account. If a string of dots is next to the password icon, you are logged into your account. If the password field is empty, select Switch Account > Forgot Password. Enter the work email address and mobile phone number to receive the information to log into the corporate account. Once the email and text message arrive, select the link and follow the onscreen instructions.

Data Syncing

Trip and mileage data are ONLY backed up to the cloud and made available for mileage approval IF the user is signed into their account.

From the Trips page, select Menu > Account > Log in > choose Merge Data option when prompted.


mLog must be running in the background to capture mileage in the auto-tracking setting. mLog MUST be opened or reopened if one of the following occurs:

  • mLog or the device/phone is turned off
  • mLog is forced closed or quit
  • The battery dies
  • The operating system is updated

Otherwise, mLog will remain off, and mileage will not continue to track automatically.




You are ready to track your first trip!