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MagicTrip™ Fully Automatic Tracking for iOS

Auto Start with MagicTrip™

When set on MagicTrip™, mLog automatically detects your mobile device's movement, starts, which either starts or stops mileage tracking.

Here are a few tips for using MagicTrip™:

  1. Clear GPS reception is an essential element to accurate mileage capture. Assuring your device has a clear line of sight to the sky will help increase the mileage tracking precision. Adjusting mLog's responsiveness can help offset poor GPS reception. If you have determined that you have a poor GPS reception due to your device positioning or because you have an older phone, you can set MagicTrip™ to More Responsive, which will cause the GPS to be active more frequently. Keep in mind that this option will consume more battery. To adjust your responsiveness settings, go to Menu > Auto Start On > Responsiveness.

  2. You can adjust the Speed Threshold, or the vehicle speed at which mLog automatically starts recording a trip. By default, a trip is started once your mobile device detects movement over 5 mph. The Speed Threshold can be adjusted from the mLog Trips by selecting Menu > Auto Start On > Speed Threshold. The trip origin or from address is auto-corrected from the original starting point from when mLog first detected movement..

  3. You can also adjust the Timeout setting, which automatically stops trips. When mLog detects no movement for 5 minutes (default setting), the trip is automatically stopped. To adjust the Timeout setting, go to  Menu > Auto Start On > Timeout.

  4. You can manually stop a trip by selecting the red stop button on the mLog Trips page.

  5. You can adjust a trip's activity type or your odometer from the mLog Trips page or by using the mLog widget. To make adjustments, select the trip menu or the three vertical dots to the far right side of the trip, you want to edit.

MagicTrip™ Troubleshooting

In the event you experience challenges with MagicTrip™ we recommend the following:

  1. Check System Permissions - From the mLog home, or Trips page, select the word MagicTrip™ toward the top right corner and then select System Permissions. There should be a blue checkmark next to Set Location. If there is anything other than a blue checkmark or the phrase "Set to Always," change the setting to "Always." Another option to check this setting is to open your device's iOS System Settings > Privacy > Location Services > mLog. There, make sure the setting is set to "Always."

  2. If mLog is FORCE CLOSED/QUIT mileage will not be automatically tracked. Reopen mLog to initiate mileage capture.

  3. If your device is rebooted you MUST reopen mLog. No app can automatically start itself after an iOS device is rebooted. Reopen mLog after your device is rebooted by selecting mLog from the home page.

  4. If MagicTrip™ is slow to respond or works inconsistently, adjust mLog's Responsiveness to "More Responsive" in the Auto Start Settings.