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Common Auto Start Problems

There are a couple of common problems that could occur with the mLog Auto Start.

  1. An error may occur if mLog has been idle for a long time, or the phone has recently been rebooted. Simply reopening mLog will resolve these issues.

  2. mLog may suddenly be removed from your device's memory. If this happens, mLog will not respond when you plug your device into a power source. Simply reopening the mLog app will initiate the Auto Start process again. 

Additional Auto Start Troubleshooting

If reopening the mLog app does not help, or you encounter other errors, try the following actions. 

  1. Confirm you are using the most current version of mLog. If you are not using the latest version, upgrade the app in the iOS app store.

  2. From the mLog home, or Trips, page, go to Menu > Auto Start On > System Preferences > Set Location to: Confirm that the Location is set to "Always."

  3. DO NOT force quit mLog. If rebooting your phone or device, you must reopen mLog to restart the automatic mileage capture process. mLog must remain in the background.

  4. Confirm your phone or device is not in "Do Not Disturb" mode. Drag your finger from the top right corner down and select the crescent moon icon to disable.

  5. Try rebooting your phone or mobile device and reopening mLog.


You can also try adding the mLog widget to iOS. Follow the steps here.