Start Saving Now with mBurse

Your auto allowance policy wastes time and money. It costs both your and your employees more than you realize. Whether you pay a fixed auto allowance or just reimburse mileage, you probably pay out to all of your mobile employees without a second thought.

But take a second thought right now. Face the truth:

A flat allowance incentivizes employees to drive less and pocket the extra money
Different territories, different expenses, same allowance. Where's the logic?
Gas prices vary, making a flat rate unfair-and unfairness hurts morale
An honor system allows employees to over-estimate their mileage
Taxed allowances reduce employee benefits and increase your taxes
Business use and personal use can be difficult to separate for mobile employees.
Given these realities, you need a fairer, smarter way to compensate mobile employees. That's where mBurse can help. We do the work; you reap the benefits.

Help is on the way.

An mBurse solution will:

  • Increase employee productivity by de-incentivizing lower driving amounts.

  • Determine each employee's reimbursement rate based on actual data, such as territory size and current gas prices in that area.

  • Remove the guesswork and overestimation inherent to self-reported mileage.

  • Generate tax-free reimbursement to the employee while lowering your costs.
  • Protect you from legal penalties by ensuring your auto allowance policy complies with all laws and labor codes.

  • Streamline the overall management of your fleet or auto reimbursement policy.

Hallmarks of a quality business vehicle policy:

Risk Mitigation
Annual motor vehicle record checks, insurance verification, and state labor code-compliance
Cost Savings
Savings and benefit analysis with reporting analytics that save money
Integration with your existing systems to save time by automative administrative tasks

Three reasons to get started now:

  1. You have not addressed your car allowance in over 10 years
  2. Gas prices fluctuate daily
  3. It only takes 5 minutes a month to run the program