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Personalizing Mileage Tracking

mLog offers ways to customize your mileage tracking to better suit your needs and preferences. To take advantage of these features, explore the Auto Start Settings under mLog app > Menu > Auto Start On

Responsiveness – This setting determines how often the app runs GPS and only applies to MagicTrip™. The higher the responsiveness, the more often the GPS runs, and the higher the accuracy. However, higher responsiveness also uses more battery. If you are concerned about battery usage, choose a less responsive setting.

Timeout – To conserve your battery, mLog automatically stops trips when it sees that you have not moved for a certain duration of time. The Timeout setting allows you to customize that time limit. This setting helps drivers who often hit heavy traffic or make frequent stops and want the app to record the stop-and-go pattern as one continuous trip. The default setting is 5 minutes.

Speed Threshold – This setting determines the speed at which you must be going to trigger mLog to start recording your trip. The default is 5 mph or 8 km/h.

Business Hours Activities – Use this feature to set up your work schedule so that trips are automatically classified as Business or Personal or not recorded at all during certain times of the day. You can always edit the category of a trip during or after its recording.

Locations – Use this feature to name and organize the locations you visit. mLog automatically stores previous locations for future use. You can also add new locations or name frequently visited locations (e.g. "Home" or "Office"). When you start or end a trip at a location you have stored, mLog will automatically use the custom name for that location. You can also set the default activity for each location so that mLog automatically categorizes trips (e.g. "Commute" or "Business"). Add and configure saved locations under mLog app > Menu > Locations.


Other Features/Additional Info – For additional information, we invite you to browse this user guide or use the search box at the top to learn about a particular subject.

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