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Plug-N-Go with the iOS App

If your vehicle doesn't have Bluetooth or you want to use the Bluetooth for another device, you can use mLog's Plug-N-Go mileage tracking. This tracking style tracks your mileage whenever your phone or device is plugged into a vehicle's power source.

And don't worry, mLog won’t record if you are not traveling more than 5 mph, so feel free to leave your phone to charge overnight. 

How to Use Plug-N-Go

To use the Plug-N-Go feature, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the Location Services are set to "Always Allow." From the home, or Trips page, go to Menu > Auto Start ON > System Permissions > Location Permission. Make sure this is set to "Always Allow."

  2. Next, go to Menu > Auto Start On > Auto Start Option > Select Plug-N-Go.

  3. Then from the Trips page, select your current Auto Start mode in the upper right hand corner (MagicTrip, Bluetooth, or Manual), which will take you to the Auto Start Settings page. From there, select your Business Hours start and end times. This will complete the settings.

  4. When you are ready to take a trip, plug your phone into a power source and start driving. Once you reach 5 mph (the default speed threshold), you will hear an audible chime and see an onscreen notification that a trip has been started.

  5. When you reach the destination, stop and turn off the vehicle and disconnect the phone or device from power. The trip will automatically stop.

  6. The Edit Trip page will remain open for approximately 10 seconds. You can make any edits to the trip (i.e. naming a location, adding a note or a tag). If you don't make edits, the trip will automatically close and save.

  7. If the trip auto-saves, you will see an onscreen notification confirming the trip was saved.