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Auto Start with iBeacon™ Device for iOS

mLog seamlessly integrates with Apple’s iBeacon™ technology to automatically detect when trips start and end. iBeacon™ is a USB device that utilizes Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) to communicate with your mobile device.

There are several advantages for mileage tracking using iBeacon™ with mLog: 

  • When combined with mLog, the iBeacon™ is exceptionally accurate and reliable.

  • If you have multiple vehicles, using a different iBeacon™ for each vehicle will immediately notify mLog which vehicle you are driving.

  • Because Apple designs iBeacon™, it is extremely energy efficient and reduces your phone's battery usage.

  • If you have to force quit mLog or your mobile device reboots, the iBeacon™ will still detect when trips start and stop.

To pair iBeacon with mLog, you’ll need an iBeacon™. All you have to do is plug the iBeacon™ into your vehicle's USB charger and establish a one-time sync – that's it.

How to Pair iBeacon™ with mLog

Here is how to set up and use iBeacon™ with mLog:

  1. Turn on the vehicle and plug the iBeacon™ into a vehicle USB charger.

  2. Open mLog. From the home, or Trips page, go to Menu > Auto Start on > Auto Start Option > iBeacon Device.

  3. mLog will find the iBeacon™. Then select the iBeacon™ and the vehicle you want it to sync with.

  4. Watch for an onscreen notification that the iBeacon™ is connected.

  5. Once you reach 5 mph (the default setting, another onscreen message will appear: “Trip auto started. Park and disconnect to end it.” (You can increase or decrease the 5 mph setting at Menu > Auto Start On > Speed Threshold.)

  6. The trip will automatically end when you arrive at the destination and turn off the vehicle.

Need an iBeacon™? You can get one here:

mLog iBeacon
iBeacon Auto Start Troubleshooting - iOS

iBeacon™ Auto Start Troubleshooting – iOS

If mLog does not detect your iBeacon™, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Open your iOS device's System Settings > Bluetooth and confirm that Bluetooth is enabled.

  2. Open your iOS device's System Settings > Privacy > Location Services and confirm that the location settings are enabled and set to "Always."

  3. Make sure there isn’t a problem with your car USB charger by plugging the iBeacon™ into a computer or wall charger.

  4. Be aware that iBeacon™ works best with vehicles that have USB ports that are powered only by running engines. If the vehicle's USB port has continuous power, the Auto Start may not work properly.

  5. After rebooting your device, it could take up to 15 minutes before mLog starts detecting the iBeacon™ reliably. If it still isn’t working after 15 minutes, open the mLog app once, then press the Home button and it will stay in the background.