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Auto Start with iOS Car Bluetooth

If your vehicle is equipped with Bluetooth, or you have an aftermarket Bluetooth device installed in your vehicle (see below), you can sync mLog to your vehicle's Bluetooth. When connected to a vehicle's Bluetooth, mLog will automatically record trips.

Syncing mLog to Bluetooth is most advantageous if:

  • You travel a lot for business in a vehicle other than your own personal vehicle (i.e. rental vehicles or ridealongs with other employees).

  • You have an older phone or device. (Bluetooth uses much less battery.)

Follow these steps to establish the one-time sync:

  1. Open mLog. From the home, or Trips page, go to Menu > Auto Start on > Auto Start Option > Connect to Car Bluetooth.

  2. Confirm the Bluetooth on the phone or device is enabled. Go to Menu > Select Car Bluetooth > Select the vehicle you will sync mLog with.

  3. When the Bluetooth is connected, the message "Wait for speeds over 5 mph" will display in the notification bar, confirming that the GPS is activated.

  4. Start driving. Once you reach 5 mph (the default speed threshold), an audible chime will accompany the onscreen notification that GPS mileage tracking has started.

  5. When you arrive at the destination, stop and turn off the vehicle, and the trip will automatically end.

If your vehicle is not equipped with factory Bluetooth, you can obtain an aftermarket Bluetooth car kit like this one:

Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth
Hands-Free Car Kit