Online guide

Read the Auto Start Guide to Bluetooth and review the general troubleshooting steps listed for Android before following the troubleshooting guide.

Bluetooth Troubleshooting First Steps - Android

Try these steps first if Bluetooth is not working:
  1. Open Android System Settings > Bluetooth and confirm that Bluetooth is enabled (set to "ON").

  2. Open Android System Settings > Location > Mode and confirm that it is set to "High Accuracy."

Additional Troubleshooting

If you have exhausted the troubleshooting steps and you are still experiencing issues with Bluetooth, follow these steps below:

  • If you spend long periods in your vehicle while your vehicle is idling, mLog could time out to conserve battery. If mLog times out, this could potentially cause you to miss recording trips and mileage. In this case, we recommend adjusting your mLog timeout settings: Go to Menu > Auto Start On > Timeout, and set the timeout to 10 or 15 minutes (the amount of time that you would remain idle in your vehicle).

  • If you continue to experience challenges, mLog support will need to diagnose the program through your debug logs. Follow the steps below to enable your debug logs.

Generating Debug Logs

Follow these steps to generate debug logs:



  1. From the Trips page, go to Menu > Adjust Vehicle Odometer > Enter 999999 (six 9's) > Save to turn on your debug logs. Entering this number will not affect your odometer reading or mileage. (If you have multiple vehicles, it does not matter which one you select.)

  2. Continue using mLog. If you experience the same issue with Bluetooth, turn off the debug logs: Menu > Adjust Vehicle Odometer > Enter 000000 (six 0's) > Save. Once your debug logs are turned OFF, an email addressed to mLog Support will be generated in your mobile device's email client with your logs attached.

  3. In the body of the email, let us know the estimated date and trip when the issue reoccurred and then press "Send." A ticket will be created, and we will diagnose the issue and respond with the necessary support.