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OBD-II Troubleshooting for Android

If mLog displays an error message when you select “3. Setup Vehicle Odometer,” follow these steps to troubleshoot.

  1. Start your vehicle's engine.

  2. Purchase and install the Torque Pro app. Then open Torque Pro > Realtime Information > long press any empty space > Add display > Digital Display > Distance traveled since codes cleared > choose any size. Make sure Torque shows a number in large font size on that display (not just a dash). If you haven't purchased Torque Pro, you should.

  3. If the number displays 65535, this will tell you that it's maxed out and you will need to go to the Fault Codes screen. There select Menu (top right corner) > Clear faults on ECU. This will reset the reading.

  4. Select the back button to exit Torque Pro completely.

  5. Open mLog and go to Menu > Settings > OBD Settings > Set vehicle odometer.

If Torque Pro only shows a dash on the “Distance traveled since codes cleared” display, that means your vehicle does not support that code. mLog cannot read an odometer without that code. You can try a different vehicle.