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Auto Start with iBeacon™ on Android

mLog seamlessly integrates with the iBeacon™ to provide another Auto Start option. iBeacon™ is a USB device that communicates through Bluetooth to automatically detect and report a trip's starting point and ending point.

The advantages of mileage tracking with iBeacon™ with mLog:

  • Mileage tracking is very reliable.

  • iBeacon™ reduces your phone's battery usage.

  • If mLog is forced to close or the phone reboots, the iBeacon™ will continue tracking mileage.

  • If there are multiple phones or devices and only one Bluetooth in the vehicle, the iBeacon™ can be used for one mobile device, and the vehicle's Bluetooth for the other mobile device.

To pair iBeacon with mLog, you’ll need an iBeacon™. Plug the iBeacon™ into your vehicle's USB charger and establish a one-time sync.

Here is how to set up and use iBeacon™ with mLog:

  1. Open the mLog app from the home, or Trips page. Then go to Menu > Settings > Auto Start Option > iBeacon.

  2. Plug the iBeacon™ into the vehicle's USB port or cigarette lighter adapter and turn on the vehicle. mLog will locate the iBeacon™. Select the iBeacon™ in mLog.

  3. Next, select Link iBeacon to Vehicles and select the iBeacon™ and the vehicle you want it to sync with.

  4. Start the vehicle. An onscreen message will appear on your mobile device: "iBeacon connected. Wait for speed > 5 mph." 

  5. Once you reach 5 mph (the default setting), an audible chime will sound and another onscreen message will appear: “Trip started. Park and disconnect to end it.” (You can increase or decrease the 5 mph setting at Menu > Auto Start On > Speed Threshold.)

  6. The trip will automatically end when you arrive at the destination and turn off the vehicle. 

Need an iBeacon™? You can get one here:


iBeacon™ Auto Start Troubleshooting

If mLog does not detect your iBeacon™, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Open Android System Settings > Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

  2. Open Android Settings > Location > Mode and make sure it is set to "High Accuracy."

  3. Make sure there isn’t a problem with your car USB charger by plugging the iBeacon™ into a computer or wall charger.

  4. Be aware that the iBeacon™ works best with a USB port that is powered only when the engine is running.  If the USB port is always on, the Auto Start may not work properly.