Real Cost of a Company Car

A company car is one of the most attractive benefits you can offer your employees. These programs are a part many organizations professional business vehicle policies.  You pay for their vehicle, fuel, maintenance, and their insurance.  But do you also inadvertently pay for their personal use of that vehicle?

If you don't have a personal use chargeback policy, you seriously need to consider one.  If you do have one, you need to enforce it properly. Remember it's the law.  Failure to create and administer an effective chargeback policy to costly problems:
Under-reporting of personal use by employees
Substantial time working on end of the year reporting
Difficulty separating business and personal use
Increased company costs
Adminstrative calculation errors
A properly structured and enforced personal use chargeback policy can reduce fleet expenses by 20 percent or more.  However, crafting and managing a high quality chargeback policy are daunting tasks. that's where mBurse comes in.

You have a responsibility to protect your organizations' costs from the volatile costs of operating company provided vehicles.

An mBurse solution will:

  • Provide easy-to-easy tools to manage your fleet and reduce costs
  • Employ the most accurate, innovative mileage capture solution
  • Eliminate unnecessary taxes for both you and your employees
  • Ensure compliance with all laws and labor codes
  • Help your organization develop risk profiles for all drivers
  • Increase employee productivity

Our innovative policies and tools save money and bring peace of mind. We implement and manage your customized program from start to finish. We do the work; you reap the benefits.

Hallmarks of a quality business vehicle policy:

Risk Mitigation
Annual motor vehicle record checks, insurance verification, and state labor code-compliance
Cost Savings
Savings and benefit analysis with reporting analytics that save money
Integration with your existing systems to save time by automative administrative tasks

We are a team of tax mavens, technological innovators and reimbursement specialists driven by our core values and purpose.  Our core values and high standards of quality and ethics drive us to provide the best solutions and services while exceeding our client’s expectations.

As an mBurse client, you have the advantage of obtaining multiple services from one organization with a single point of contact, making it easy for you to outsource these functions without the administrative work.  We partner with our clients to create innovative solutions delivering immediate and measurable value driven results for their business and stakeholders.