What's the Best Way to Track Business Mileage?

Written by mBurse Team Member Jul 18, 2019 9:58:44 AM

If you track business mileage for tax purposes or a mileage reimbursement, it can be a tedious process. With new mobile technology, spreadsheet mileage logs are becoming outdated in favor of mileage tracking apps.

Why you need the best mileage tracker for business

Convenience and accuracy are the two most important elements in choosing the best way to record and calculate mileage for work. No one enjoys the tedious process of manually entering dates, locations, and purposes of trips and then having to figure out the amount of mileage. Even with Google Maps, it still takes time that most people would rather spend on more mission-oriented tasks.

And for employers, it's important to the bottom line that the reported mileage is accurate. However, a time-consuming logging process can work against accuracy. When employees have to fill out Excel spreadsheets and submit them for approval, it can be easier for both drivers and approving managers to cut corners and keep the paperwork moving. (Learn the tell-tale signs of inaccurate spreadsheet mileage logs.)

Benefits of real-time mileage tracking apps

The technology now exists to eliminate most of the time spent tracking, logging, calculating, reporting, and approving employee business mileage. For example, our mileage tracking app, allows a driver to automate mileage tracking, edit trips as needed, and submit mileage for approval with just a few taps and swipes on a phone or tablet. All this happens in real-time, which is the most IRS-compliant way to record business mileage.

Let's look more closely at the benefits of the best mileage trackers available today.

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  1. The best mileage trackers save time with ease of use.

Convenience and ease of use are crucial benefits of technology. People who drive as part of their jobs already use their mobile devices as portable work stations. Being able to quickly complete a boring administrative task ranks high on anyone's list of ways to improve their job.

When exploring the various mileage tracking apps available, it's important to ensure that the user experience is seamless and intuitive and that it allows for both automation and customization. The best apps simply require an initial set up and then automatically track mileage, allowing the driver to go back and edit out personal trips if they forget to pause the app beforehand.

  1. The best mileage trackers save money with accuracy.

Any organization that pays a mileage reimbursement can find costs spiraling out of control as a result of over-reported mileage. Over-reports are not necessarily a sign of employee dishonesty, though. Often they are a result of time-saving measures.

Busy sales reps, for example, may estimate mileage, reducing their administrative time in favor of more time spent on sales. Reducing the time required to report business mileage will reduce overestimates and lead to more accurate, affordable results.

  1. The best mileage trackers integrate with existing CRMs and expense systems.

Many organizations already have made significant investments in CRM software and expense management systems. A good mileage app will communicate with the CRM in order to input client information and track productivity of trips. Companies with low CRM-adoption rates among employees can boost those rates because now CRM use is automatically tied to their mileage reimbursement.

A good mileage app will also interface with existing expense systems so that calculations will go straight into the system to generate vehicle reimbursement payments.

Stop overspending on your car allowance or reimbursement

What about privacy concerns for GPS mileage apps?

Because real-time mileage logs rely on GPS, it can raise concerns about privacy. This is perhaps the most important issue in determining the best way to track mileage for work. Employees don't want to be monitored, and employers want to keep their employees' trust.

The best mileage log apps are designed to allow for complete separation of business travel and personal travel. The employee should have confidence that only business mileage gets reported to their manager. In other words, while mileage is tracked in real-time, it is not reported in real-time. The best apps, like our milage tracker, ensures this level of protection.

Choosing the best way to track mileage for work

At mBurse, we are always looking to stay innovative in offering the best options available for organizations and employees to calculate and record business mileage. We currently offer three distinct approaches that you can explore on our Mileage Tracking Solutions page:

  • GPS mileage tracking - an app that resides in mobile devices and records, calculates, and submits mileage
  • CRM mileage log - integrate automated mileage with your existing CRM software to increase employee adoption of CRM
  • Smart spreadsheet - continue using a mileage spreadsheet, but in an enhanced format that removes self-reported mileage

Click here for a mileage log demo or click below to take an in-depth look at current trends in business mileage tracking so you can make an informed choice about the best mileage tracker for your business.

Everything you need to know about mileage tracking

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