What Are The Must Haves In A GPS Mileage Log App

Written by mBurse Team Member Jun 20, 2017 10:56:00 AM

Companies in just about every industry worldwide are utilizing GPS technology. Many companies are adopting this useful tool to support their car reimbursement policies as well as company car programs. With the market being saturated with new GPS tools, how do you pick the right tool for your business? We have evaluated many of the GPS mileage log apps on the market and have come up with the hallmarks of a quality and professional GPS mileage log app to support your mobile employees. 

  1. Reliability 

Any GPS app should be reliable and accurate. There’s nothing more frustrating than either showing up to the wrong address or calculating inaccurate mileage after trusting your GPS.

  1. Ease of use

The GPS app should be as easy to use as a screwdriver. The more time spent figuring it out, the less time spent doing business. A simple, intuitive design is a must. The GPS app should provide automated business activity and mileage tracking as a feature.
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  1. Energy efficiency 

The GPS app should not be a battery drain. A good app should afford your employees the use of their phones all day without severely draining their batteries. Optimally, that means using no more than 10% of the battery over a 5-hour period. The app should also have options to incrementally change the settings to avoid battery drain.

  1. Compatibility

Your chosen GPS app should work on both the Android and iOS platforms. Many organizations provide employees company phones that are on either platform. Most employees using their own personal phones are on one of those platforms as well. The GPS application should be flexible enough to work on both platforms.

  1. Features and functionality

Your mobile app should offer many features that will make your mobile employees’ work life much easier. This could include such functions as scheduling, capturing business mileage, recording client information, and options for tracking mode (manual entry vs. fully automated tracking). 

  1. Privacy

This is the single largest feature that your business GPS app should have. The majority of GPS apps on the market do not respect employees’ rights to privacy, recording 24/7/365, even after hours. Employees are not FedEx or UPS packages that need to be tracked from the start of the day to the end of the day. Organizations heavily invest in a process to find the right employees and entrust them to do their jobs. Choose an app that places trust in employees to turn tracking on and off and report mileage every month.

As GPS mileage log applications evolve, the hallmarks of a quality and professional GPS application will grow. We will do our best to update this list with more features and functionality as they come available. If you would like to demo our app please click here.

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