Are You Helping Your Mobile Employees be Efficient?

Written by mBurse Team Member Sep 7, 2017 11:26:00 AM

How to Protect Your Employees’ Time More Effectively

When you’re a kid, time creeps along. Each birthday takes forever to get to you. Milestones like getting your driver’s license and graduating from high school seem like they’ll never arrive. Then you grow up, and it’s as if someone has hit the fast-forward button. Time has become a scarce commodity, the hours and minutes and seconds never sufficient for all the things you need to accomplish. 

In business you have to make the most of your time to ensure that everything gets done. You set up boundaries to protect your time and ensure you don’t lose too much of it. You hire admins to complete tasks, screen calls and emails, and streamline work processes, all in an effort to preserve your valuable time.

In the current economy you are expected to meet strict budgets and tight deadlines; effectively you have to do much more, in much less time. And you work with people—people bringing unexpected questions and problems, dropping balls, or just stopping by for a friendly interruption.

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Your time is precious—and so is your employees' time.

Your field-based employees experience constraints similar to yours: they have revenue and performance goals yet little time to achieve them, and they face unexpected interruptions as well. Your employees are tasked with juggling meetings, selling to new customers, keeping existing customers happy, responding quickly to requests, assisting other teams within your organization, and completing routine administrative tasks,

Quite a bit of responsibility trickles down to the field reps, sales reps, and service and account management teams—in other words, your mobile employees. Mobile employees are asked not only to travel and secure business that supports company objectives, but also to document their every move properly and in a timely manner. However, when you start to evaluate the time spent in the field, you will find that your mobile employees have very little disposable time. 

What are you doing to help mobile employees manage their time effectively?

There are quite a few redundant administrative tasks that mobile employees are asked to perform on a regular basis throughout any given day, week, or month. Such tasks include maintaining CRM records, managing and recording expenses, submitting mileage logs and weekly activity reports, and scheduling and attending meetings. These tasks support finance, operations, sales, and management functions and help senior company leadership ensure the team is rowing in unison toward the same company objectives. But how on earth are they supposed to fit it all in on top of staying productive with sales, customer relations, and account management?

Why not remove some of those redundant administrative tasks that often take up to three, four, or even more hours per month? Think of how many more appointments could be scheduled, how many more clients could be seen, and how much more productive your employees could be? The end goal should be productivity and efficiency as opposed to activity.

Our GPS technology is the solution.

All your employees need is something they already have: a smartphone. Our GPS mileage log app easy to use, delivers accurate mileage calculation, and business activity tracking. Our technology will save your employees time by automating administrative tasks, all with the foundation of protecting driver privacy. 

Call mBurse to find out how we can help you to eliminate some of those redundant administrative tasks and ensure your employees become more productive doing the tasks that are really important.

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